Maldanha Wambinya

Community Support Service

Maldanha Wambinya Community Support Service has been operating from the Cowra Neighbourhood Centre since October 2009.

What is the service

The Community Support Service will support Indigenous community members and their families by providing links and referrals to a range of mainstream and Indigenous services which may include welfare and social support, family violence, health (including drug and alcohol services), housing, childcare, and legal services.

The role will also entail the development and fostering of relationships with other service providers through promoting access and pathways to their services.

Why is the service being provided

The Community Support Service aims to build on successful elements of the former CDEP program, by linking Indigenous people and their families to other services and support in their region.

What can you expect from your service provider

The Community Support Service will have a welcoming place in each selected community. Where Indigenous people and their families can go to meet their personal needs and to access the internet.

Community Support Service

Will provide Indigenous community members and their families assistance with and access to:

· Welfare Assistance: Financial government support e.g. Centrelink; Family Assistance Office; Child Support Agency

· Social& Family Support: Non– monetary forms of assistance such as support groups or counselling.

· Family Violence: No explanation required

· Housing:Support and advice regarding temporary or permanent accommodation needs

· Health:Includes physical and mental health, alcohol and other drugs dependency

· Early Childhood Education and Care: Relates to children under 5, or after hours care matters for children of any age

· Legal Services: No explanation required

· Aged Care: No explanation required

· Education and Training: Relates to individuals over the age of 16 (school related matters to be specified under other)

· Employment:Paid work/ employment

· Access to free internet

· Referral and support to other Service providers

What do we do?

We work with Aboriginal families and individuals to help cope with the challenges of everyday life.

How do we do it?

By providing information, access to resources, links to community and other organisations.

How do we work?

 You can phone us·

 We can phone you·

 You can join a group·

 We can visit you at home·

 You can come to the office·

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