Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Cowra Support Group


The Adult Survivors of Child Abuse - Cowra Support Group was formed early 2011 under the umbrella of the Cowra Neighbourhood Centre to assist survivors of any form of child abuse and their family and friends to find options to heal.

The group does not seek to replace counselling nor is it about counselling. It provides information on existing resources: books, organisations, helplines, websites, articles, strategies, peer support, workshops, and access to professional counselling. The group respects your privacy: There is no need to disclose your name. There is no need to tell your story.

The group meets every month on the 1st Friday of each month. Each meeting is held in a safe environment in Cowra. Professional counselling staff will be available if needed – in a separate room, in all privacy.

Each meeting is structured as follows: a welcome to new members, an update on items discussed at the previous meeting, an update on upcoming workshops and events focusing on healing, followed by sharing of resources and discussions on healing strategies. Informal chats, and tea/coffee breaks occurring at times of your choice whilst respecting the group.

What if you are interested to join?

It is better for you and for the smooth and safe running of the group meetings that you fully understand the group’s objectives and be introduced to some group members prior to attending for the first time. Contact Pascale on 6342 1612, have a chat, and assess whether this group is what you are looking for. You will also be given the opportunity to meet with one or more group members prior to attending your first meeting. This will make your first attendance within our welcoming group, a safe and enriching experience.

To see some organisations which may be able to provide help [CLICK HERE]

If you would like a list of resources which may help you [CLICK HERE] 

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